“Child Sexual Abuse Campaigners and Whistleblowers targeted by state organisations”

Child Sexual Abuse Campaigners and Whistleblowers targeted by state organisations

Whistleblowers and people who campaign for a truth that implicates powerful establishment figures in misdeeds, face at best, institutional inertia and at worst, outright criminality to discourage them from doing so.

The people in positions of power, from local councillors, MPs, police, crown prosecution service, civil service and council employeees will use all the apparatus of the state, corporations and institutions in their control to defend the status quo. A whistleblower will face first denial of their assertions and then an attack upon themselves as a potential upsetter of the applecart or gravytrain.

People in power can also often call upon legal expenses at taxpayer expense or their own, compared to little often available to the outsider. The corporate and media world who rely on their money from the establishment will most often support the status quo.

The potential truthteller, as messenger of an unpalateable truth can expect to have their own life forensically examined and broadcast to the world for the financial benefit of unscrupulous corporate media owners.

To an extent some of the above is understandable but it is also often mixed with corrupt elements in the police, cps, secretive freemasonry and kept hidden behind a facade of legitimate processes to not reveal the harrassment and skullduggery. This is not even counting spying on individuals online legally or illegally, special branch and “security services” interference.

When a campaigner has allegations and court action against him, his own criminal status is in doubt, and his allegations less likely to be believed. He is also effectively silenced, as it become sub judice. He has to look to defend himself rather than tell the truth he started out doing.

Once a campaigner is in prison he is effectively silenced and neutered. If he is still troublesome, then ghosting can occur – moving the prisoner around the system at the will of whoever, and the prisoner finds it hard to tell people where he is, let alone tell the truth or defend himself. Medical treatment can also be delayed or not given by various techniques.

All these methods are brought to play in child abuse allegations, partly due no doubt to the powerful network of abusers built up within British institutions over decades, and the disgust that most people feel for child abusers.

The following is a list of some campaigners and whistleblowers who have faced opposition to their claims, please feel free to draw more to my attention. It is perhaps time to compile a more extensive list.

Child Sexual Abuse Campaigners and Whistleblowers subjected to Court Action

1. Citizen Journalists Nigel Ward and Tim Hicks, having thoroughly embarassed North Yorkshire police with their expose of Savile and Jaconellis misdeeds and the cover up of child abuse by the force, face civil legal action from 9 people in or associated with the Police. Nork Yorks Police laughably stating that the journalists have cost the police over £400,ooo. The police predictably have started but delayed the proceedings- an often used but still disgusting tactic to paralyse and worry the whistleblower, whilst costing them a fortune in legal fees, whilst the police legal fees are paid for by the public. [12]

2. Michael Doherty complained to police that an individual was grooming his daughter. It turned out to be a policeman. Far from charging the perpetrator, Michael himself has been relentlessly attacked, the Met have even set up a Gold Group to conspire on how to deal with him. He has pioneered the use of private prosecutions and campaigns on police corruption. [1] [29]

3.  Melanie Shaw one of the two main whistleblowers with Mickey Summers, on the cover up of child sexual abuse in Nottingham by Police and councils. Children in every childrens home in Nottingham were subject to sexual abuse. Melanie was imprisoned for supposed arson and has faced further harassment from the police. [5]

4. Chris Spivey has written many articles on child abusers and is a leading exponent on the actors in false flag terrorist events.  He is facing charges of malicious communication and indecent images on his computer [27] . Social services have attempted to take his granddaughter away and he being harassed himself and property subjected to criminal damage [3]. His delayed court case is now due on 30th July but as always, this is subject to change.

5. Brian Pead/ Freeman was a whistleblower on child sexual abuse in Lambeth. His whistleblowing was ignored and he then faced harrassment, his book was banned and he was imprisoned after policee accusations of grooming a young girl [2]. Imprisoned and ghosted round the prison system.

6. Robert Green was instrumental in bringing Hollie Greig child sexual abuse case to the notice of the public, after the named perpetrators were not even questioned by police. His prosecution for breach of the peace cost the best part of £1m, and he has been imprisoned twice now I think if I recall correctly [6].

7. Jason Packer Campaigner on child sexual abuse and corruption and particularly against  ex MP Michael Hancock. Now charged with possession of indecent images. His trial is due on 20th July at Portsmouth Crown Court.

8. Andrea Davison Working for Intelligence services, she investigated child sexual absue in North Wales. She ended up with her possessions stolen by the police, charged with fraud, banned by a judge from paying for her defence and all the documentation on child sexual abuse taken. She had to flee abroad.[10]

9. Michael Shrimpton spoke about ex Prime Ministers Ted Heaths paedophilia and link to child murders in a radio interview [19] . He felt he could not break the official secrets act but if they were not official secrets because it officially did not happen it was ok to tell. He also felt if his source was other intelleigence services then he was not breaking offical secrets. He wrote a book, Spyhunter, on how German intelligence was prime mover in dirty tricks in world geopolitics. Officialdom was not impressed and he was found guilty of indecent images and later of false communication of a Olympic bomb threat. [18] [11]

It may be that images found on a computer are particularly useful for the authorities in framing people, as “possession” is indicated by the images being there, however they got there. More information is required on this though.

There are other cases of whistleblowing which do not involve overt or known state involvement but that involve criminal elements eg in the Lambeth case Bulic Forsythe was killed [21] and another lady had a murder attempt against her [21].

There are also many many cases of whistleblowers who do not face court action but do face injustice. Alison Taylor whistleblew on North Wales child abuse years ago and was sacked, yet she is being proven right years later [23] . Nottingham whistleblower Cameron Blair has also recently come forward with tales of having been silenced [22]

Corruption Whistleblowers of Police

1. Peter Hofschroer fought for years to stop corrupt elements in police and council social services taking his mothers property. At the court case he instigated against the perpetrators to prevent this happening, he was arrested and imprisoned for possession of  6,969 child abuse images [4]. His Court case is due on the 27th July – 1 Aug at York Crown Court.


2. Maurice Kirk became a whistleblower on police harassment and corruption as much was against him. He was imprisoned, not allowed proper access to medical treatment. Now released [16]  [7]

3. James Patrick was a whistleblower from the Police who exposed the police crime figures scandal. Senior officers tried to silence them and he felt he had to resign [17]

4. Norman Scarth is a World War 2 veteran, who became a victim but refuses to bow to the corruption of the judicial system, so that he had to move to Ireland. A man of principle, his story is here. [20]

5. Ian Puddick faced charges of harrassment when in fact it was he who was subject to horrendous harassment and investigation by City of London Police and chums [24] [25]

6. Neil Wilby campaigns against police corruption and runs a website called the Unprofessional standards department has had a High Court harassment case against him. [30]

Other methods are also used to silence people –

Forced adoption, where social services abuse is rife a huge amount of parent whistleblowers are silenced by gag orders and threat of losing their children. Part of this are vaccine induced injury children taken from their parents for forced adoption to  conceal this.

The Mental Health Acts are also used to silence people,

Prescribing and forced administation of drugs.

Gang Stalking (see Butlincat’s comments on this post, for now)

Perhaps we need to start compiling a list of those so silenced and the who , what , why , when and how. If you can help with this please email the address at the end of this post.

Trials Coming up

If anyone wishes to attend to oversee the British Justice system in action.

1. Jason Packer 20th July 2015 at Portsmouth Crown Court.

2. Peter Hofschroer 27 July 2015 – 1 Aug York Crown Court [26]

3. Chris Spivey 30th July tba

Some people may not agree with all cases outlined, as they are entitled to do. However it is hard to disagree with the pattern and the lack of due process in these cases, in what is already an asymetric case in terms of power and influence.

There are many many more child sexual abuse whistleblowers that have been targeted. If you would like to bring your case to my attention please do so either by email or by comment on this post.

Just to correct the nonsense going round that 76 MPs are being investigated it is 76 local and national politicians NOT 76 MPs [28].  It does the cause of truth no good to get this wrong.

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C]  and Havoca [D]. Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog. Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.


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This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email cathyfox@bigfoot.com

cathyfox the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free


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