Family ripped apart by social services because daughter's 1.5% Native American

Lexi’s mother Summer screamed ‘I love you’ as she was taken away (Picture: KTLA5)

This is the moment that a six-year-old girl who has spent most of her life with a foster parent was removed from her home because she’s got Native American blood.

Social workers took Lexi from foster parents Rusty and Summer Page after a court concluded that she must go and live with relatives in Utah.

Lexi, who is 1.5 per cent Choctaw, cried and clutched a stuffed bear as Rusty carried her out of his home north of Los Angeles to a waiting car. Los Angeles County social workers whisked her away.

‘How is it that a screaming child, saying “I want to stay, I’m scared,” how is in her best interest to pull her from the girl…