Anna Chambers, 19, at a park near the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Anna Chambers at a park near the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y., on Jan. 27, 2018.

Photo: Nicole Craine

Anna Chambers could not consent to sex when, in September 2017, the then-18-year-old was arrested, handcuffed, and taken into the unmarked van of New York Police Department detectives Richard Hall and Edward Martins.

The case should have been clear-cut from the moment a hospital rape kit found semen matching Martins’s and Hall’s DNA inside Chambers (who has used a pseudonym throughout her ordeal to protect her privacy). When the two cops, who have since been fired, claimed that the sex with the detained teenager had been consensual, it beggared belief and revealed a chilling loophole in the New York penal code. At the time, state law did not assert the most obvious of facts: that a person in police custody cannot consent to sex. But, owing to Anna Chambers’s case, the law has since been rightly changed.,,,